The flexible barrier film produced by Mylan Group can be used on our pouch making machinery to produce many types of pouches depend on customer request.
High barrier pouches are used in Fill and Seal equipment, and become an excellent alternative to glass metal cans and aluminium pouches for a wide range of foods.
Mylan Group offers the high gas barrier pouches for retort-able and microwaveable food packaging. The film is the ideal alternative to foil as a gas barrier material for retort pouches. The nano coating layers are extremely durable and are an outstanding oxygen barrier before and after retort.
●  Material: BOPET//Cer//OPA//Cer//RCPP
●  Color: transparent or ink
●  Low gas, aroma and water vapor permeability
●  High resistance to oil and organic solvent
●  Color: Opaque, white & black
●  Retort temperature up to 135oC (60 min)
●  Suitable for microwave heating
●  Excellent printability and sealants
●   Retort Food: cooked rice, noodle,...
●   Ready meal & ready to eat food